Lifecore R100 VS BodyCraft VR100: Which Rowing Machine is Better for Home Use?

bodycraft vr100 or lifecore r100 rowing machinesI’ve had people requesting this comparions between the Lifecore R100 rowing machine and the BodyCraft VR100 indoor rower for a while now so I finally decided to do it. Don’t expect too much though because this will just be a mini review for each of them.

I haven’t used the BodyCraft rower that much but on the other hand I have some experience with the R100 from Lifecore Fitness.

Ok, so the BodyCraft VR100 rowing machine is a mid priced indoor rower which is great for beginners. The machine is very easy to put together, it won’t take you more than an hour to get it assembled.

The VR100 has a foldable, aluminum and steel frame, which means it’s easy to store and move around when you’re done with it so it’s great for a home rowing machine. The cardio exercise you get with a rowing machine is amazing and the best part is that it’s so low impact on the joints that you can still workout even if you’re suffering from joint pain.

The R1oo also has a foldable frame, so at this chapter they’re both the same.

The resistance unit is another thing that’s similar between these to indoor rowers. Both the VR100 and the R100 come with a hybrid resistance unit, that means air resistance combined with magnetic resistance. There are some people who say that this type of resistance unit doesn’t provide a realistic feel to the rowing machine, but I’ve used the R100 for almost 2 years and I really felt like I was rowing on water.

Like I said in the beginning, both of these indoor rowing machines are more of a beginner level, first of all because they’re low to mid budget and secondly it’s easy to learn how to row properly on them. Ofcourse none of them can compare to the feel of the Concept2 rowers but those are a bit more expensive, their price point going over $1000.

The BodyCraft VR100 is a little cheaper than Lifecore’s R100 model, but on the other hand the R100 does look like it’s a more sturdy, a more quality built machine.

The Lifecore R100 rowing machine has almost a dozen workout programs you can select from the computer. They’re great if you want to measure your fitness level or get some extra motivation.

When it comes to the warranty, the Lifecore model is leading the race, with a 5 year on parts, lifetime on frame and 1 year on labor, while the VR100 also offers lifetime warranty on the frame, but only 1 year on parts. Labor is also 90 days.

The computer on the Lifecore rowing machine is more complex with much more functions and features than the one on the Bodycraft rower.

All in all I would personally buy the Lifecore R100 indoor rowing machine over the Bodycraft VR100 one. It’s only an additional $200, but you get a more solid frame, a better cpu and a larger selection of workout programs. While the VR100 is cheaper, it’s not worth the money you save buying it over the R100.

So which one are you gonna get? Leaver your comments in the form below.